Research Center for Western Chinese Culture

The Research Center on Culture and Art of China's western regions of CAA aims at conducting researches in fields including art theory, fine art archaeology, and social practices. Comprehensive and in-depth investigations and researches on culture and art are conducted in Henan, Shanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Xizang, Xinjiang Provinces. It consists of six programs: investigation on mural paintings in temple and Taoist abbeys, investigation on mural paintings in tomb chamber, investigation on mural paintings in grottoes, investigation on statues in grottoes, investigation on mineral pigments of traditional paintings, researches on the unearthed wares along the Silk Roads. The Center has by now reported and completed multiple national and provincial projects and published relevant research results.


In recent years, the Center not only gained substantial academic achievements in fields like duplication and copy of traditional mural paintings, creation of modern mural paintings, and teaching on traditional painting techniques, but also made breakthroughs in painting materialogy. Based on digging, analysis, experiment and sort-out of materials in materialogy, chromatology and theory of painting, we developed a particular training system that characterized in using projects to facilitate researches, and using researches to facilitate teaching as well as to promote research results in practice.