National Institute of Art Education of CAA

National Institute of Art Education of CAA is the first national and cross-disciplinary art education and research institute approved by Ministry of Education. It conducts research and consultancy on art education guided by department of higher education of Ministry of Education. On October 23 in 2016, the institute was set up in China Academy of Art with Professor Xu Jiang, as its president, Professor Cao Yiqiang as standing vice-president and Professor Xu Ping and Professor Gao Shiming as its vice-president. The institute invites experts and scholars home and aboard to conduct joint-researches on all art disciplines.

The institute devotes itself to establishing art educational ideology and methodology with Chinese initiative, improving higher education system on art with Chinese characteristics, improving researches and innovation on art, improving system of bringing up artists and promotes international art education cooperation and exchanges.

Centered on art, the institute aims at bringing up peoples’ innovation to redefine interdependent relationship between art and education against the backdrop of global civilization. With idea of “Art/Education”, the institute emphasizes the importance of art disciplines for human knowledge and re-ponders over the relations between art and science, art and other intelligent fields in order to develop a new science among the current university and academy system as well as explore on a new route for innovation on thinking, knowledge and society.