Department of Ideology,Political Theory and Social Science

The department provides general education courses including philosophy, liberal art and foreign languages. Based on a wide variety of non-art courses, it has recently developed more innovative and interdisciplinary courses. The growing curriculum widens the academic scope of compulsory courses and expands the extension of elective courses. It has established four-course modules with compulsory course as the core-“philosophy”- to construct the value system of human life and to develop students’ social adaptability;“humanities and history”- to search for the essence of human existence in a historical context and to self-identify humanistic concern; “language and culture”- to improve language proficiency and to expand multi-dimensional cultural horizon through language, and “art dialog” to supplement art discipline with the relative courses of social science. 

Department Chair: Wang Qiquan

Vice Department Chair: Ge Jiafeng, Zhai Zhiqiang