International College

International College plays a unique role for the Academy’s international teaching and relationship building. It aims to promote Chinese culture overseas and deepen the art exchange and friendship with people all over the world. The college is located in Nanshan Campus. It was once called International Training Center at its establishment in 1980, and it accumulates over 6000 international students to date.
At present, there are over 700 international students studying in the college’s four departments: Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Chinese Culture and Chinese Language. Besides the four departments, the international students can also study in respective schools like School of Painting, School of Design, School of Sculpture, School of Film and Animation, School of Architecture, School of Inter Media Art, School of Arts and Humanities. In order to let more people overseas know about China and its culture, the college organizes short-term Chinese art and culture course. In this program, students will be familiar with Chinese culture through the study of Chinese art and travel in China. The college welcomes friends from every corner of the world.

Dean: Jin Zhilin