2015 Graduation Ceremony

The 2015 Graduation Ceremony was held in the stadium of Xiang Shan campus at the night of 19 June, 2015. At the backdrop of a 270 degree screen projecting ocean, stars and the scenery of CAA campuses, the stadium is filled with joyful and excited fresh graduates and their tutors.

Many important provincial officials, schorlarship sponsors, school administrators, as well as all graduates of 2015 and their parents were participated in the ceremony. Vice Chairman of Committee of Academy Affairs Hu Zhonghua hosted the ceremony, and President Xu Jiang delivered a touching speech. Prof. Xu reflected on the past graduation ceremonies of their social context and cultural meanings. And by sharing his personal experience in his younger days, he encouraged the graduates to be brave and take hold of their future in their own hands in order to foster good skills and big hearts to face and conquer all kinds of challenges in life. He also reassuring the fresh graduates about coming setbacks between high expectations and daily life, and suggested them to release pressures by sticking to art practices. Prof. Xu explained the design concept of the cap and gown. He especially mentioned its connection with Chinese tradition and cultural meaning. At the end of his talk, he suggested that all graduates to stand up and to hold the yellow fringe attached to the gown. While yelling out “we are CAA”, they tossed the fringe to their back unanimously. By doing this, he would like to deliver to the graduates a feeling of collective power and warmth of being a big family, meanwhile to be aware of shouldering part of the responsibility of the nation.

The president shook hands with each postgraduate students. He issued diplomas and gave them his best wishes. And together they enjoyed the grand performance curated by Director of School of Public Art Yang Qirui. The faces, smiles and daily lives of the graduates were projected on the 270 degree screen, which reminds the graduates of their precious memories at the university and many of them shed tears of happiness and deep attachment. The ceremony was ended in the melody of the school anthem.

There were a total of 2640 students graduating, including 364 graduate students and 1666 undergraduates.