On July 17, 2015, students of CAA Qi Xiaotong, Yang Kang, Zhang Jiabei, Li Chenning were announced to win the first standard prize of IXDC2015 Smart Home Competition with their design “Hoo: PM2.5 Monitoring and Data Sharing System”. They are also invited to show their work in the Electronic Fair in Silicon Valley, U.S.A in January 2016. “Hoo” is a comprehensive system which combines smart hardware, APP, and website. It aims to enable each individual in China to collect, monitor and share datas of PM2.5 in order to be better aware of our environment.

The competition is organized by International eXperience Design Committee (IXDC), which is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 with the support of over 20 famous companies and universities in Asia. Its primary responsibility is to promote the notion of experiencing the value of innovation to the society, and its significant task is to construct an international platform for exhibition and communication. It is also an important and influential platform of Interactive design in Asia.
According to the organizer, this year’s competition had received over 300 designs, in which only 20 works are in the short list and even few to win the first standard prize. It was a fierce competition and is a great honor to win the prize. Big congratulations to the designers of CAA!