Expanded from the calligraphy and seal carving program established in 1963, the department is the first calligraphy major in China. Inheriting the tradition of classics, focusing on both practice skills and academic research skills, the department has a substantial influence in calligraphy education worldwide. There are now two majors in the department, including calligraphy and seal carving, and calligraphy education.

Students: 187, including 50 master students and 24 doctoral students.
Faculty: 8 teachers, including 4 professors and 2 associate professors.

Main courses: seal script copying, clerical script copying, standard script copying, running script copying, cursive script copying, seal carving, inscriptions, epigraph studies, classical Chinese language and literature, Japanese calligraphy history, etc.

Chair: Shen Hao

Deputy Chair: Shen Leping