The Creative Design and Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Center

The center is established under the guidance of the national “2011 Plan,” and is one of the first collaborative innovation centers established among universities in the Zhejiang province. It takes the collaborative innovation center as its carrier, which faces four different directions namely the scientific forefront, cultural inheritance and innovation, industry development, and regional economic development.

Under the urgent need of national and local manufacturing transformation and upgrading, the center intends to construct “Oriental Design.” While taking the cultural creativity as its driving force, the center takes design as a breakthrough, with application of science and renovation of traditional Chinese culture, in order to elevate regional culture promotion and industrial upgrading. The center is talent-oriented, which takes building a first-class talent pool as its key. It attracts capable professionals to experiment and research and to set demonstration models for the Chinese manufacturing industry. Meanwhile through cultural and industrial collaborations, It intends to bring forward to the world the contemporary China cultural values.

The center has 150 members, including co-related units’ leaders and distinguished domestic and foreign cultural and creative manufacturing experts. It has 20 professors, more than 110 researchers, and 8 administrators. The professional backgrounds of the team covers art, design, architecture, communication, engineering, aa well as business and management. The Centre has 31 national and provincial laboratories and research labs. It has established more than 20 collaborative creative centers between universities and companies, universities and government, and companies and government, such as China Academy of Art Creative Technology Park and Zhejiang Science and Industrial Design Park. The center has accomplished more than 20 national and provincial research subjects, and published more than 10 books and 100 papers. In the past years, the center has obtained Pritzker, Red Dot, IF among other more than 60 international design awards and submitted more than 100 patents annually.

Urban-Rural Comprehensive Construction

This research direction has undertaken a comprehensive construction projects such as Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion, Zhejiang Pavillion, Hangzhou Pavillon, and many other important creative environment system Design. The center has also accomplished a series of major design projects, including the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Protective Renewal Design, White Horse Lake Ecological Creative City Design, Xiangshan Art Community Planning, and Hangzhou Metro Line 1 AI Design, etc. The center also advised for Lishui, Chun, Pingyang, Jinyun and other cities on urban planning, regional industry renovation, creative manufacturing and ecological system engineering.

Product Innovation Research

This research direction is commited to international research cooperations under the global context. Its cooperating institutes and enterprises including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart, Politecnico Di Milano, Fang Tai Group, Supor, Eastern Communications, Netease, and so on. More than 100 domestic and foreign institutions and enterprises had set joint design cooperations with the center, including electric bicycle renting system, digital terminal equipment design, furniture design, tourism and entertainment industry system design, etc., and achieved remarkable social and economic achievements.

Self-Owned Brand

The center’s own brand “Dunpin Product” is a pilot project. It is now engaged in the brand model research and development. It features in its online and offline interactive operation and sets sub-centers in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo in order to construct a radiation of the creative industry circles around China Academy of Art involving more than 200 small and micro enterprises. Dunpin Product had participated in US international brand licensing fair in Las Vegas, and has a good international reputation.

Center Director: Song Jianming
Deputy Director: Zeng Mingzhe, Ye Lang
Office Head: Wang Yun