Established in 2005, the department is based on high-end market oriented practices in the light of history of design. It trains talents with innovation and competence. There are three majors, namely design history and theory, culture relics study, and design management. Based on design theory, this department emphasises on design practice theory and design application education.

This department has a teaching structure of 30% practice and 70% history study. After many years of educational research and practice, this structure has already been proved to be effective and has also become a new form and content for the traditional mode of design history study research and education.

Students: 163, including 17 master students and 6 doctoral students.
Faculty: 7 teachers, including 1 professor.

Main courses: history of design, a survey of design, design management, folklore art, comparative design, design practice, design theory and application, introduction to editing, design critique and appreciation, a survey of traditional culture, etc.

Chair: Zheng Juxin

Deputy Chair: Chen Jing

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