Regulations for International Students Applying for

Master’s or Ph.D Degree Study at the China Academy of Art


The China Academy of Art, formerly the National Academy of Arts, was established in 1928 as a center for specialist studies in the fine arts. The Academy is located in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, which is one of China’s most economically and culturally developed provinces. The Nanshan Campus sits beside the West Lake, Xiangshan Campus at the foot of the Xiangshan Mountain. Tranquil and visually exquisite, it is an ideal setting for the practice and study of the arts. The Academy’s seven specialist schools of Plastic Arts, Design, Intermedia, Public Art, Animation, Architecture and Art and Humanities, all presently accept international students for Master’s and Ph.D. levels of study. At the moment, nearly 700 international students from 90 countries are studying at the Academy.



  1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.
  2. Education background:

- Applicants for master’s degree studies must have a Bachelor’s degree.

- Applicants for doctoral degree studies must have a Master’s degree.



The applicant must fill out and provide the following documents truthfully, correctly and completely.

  1. “Application of Master Degree Program of China Academy of Art” or “Application of Ph.D Degree Program of China Academy of Art”. Please send the filled application form to (attach personal photo onto the form).
  2. 3 photocopies of applicant’s passport (photo page)
  3. 4 passport size (2.54×3.81cm) photographs of the applicant, neutral background
  4. Highest diploma (notarized photocopy). University students or applicants employed shall provide proof of studying or employment on application. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.
  5. Academic transcripts (notarized photocopy): Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.
  6. Study or research plan: in Chinese or in English, no less than 800 words.
  7. Recommendation letters: Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English from professors or associate professors.
  8. Applicants must submit a CD of the applicants’ profile and own art works (Applicants for plastic arts, inter-media art or public art must provide more than 3 creative works according with the aiming major. Applicants for design art, animation and architecture art must provide for a painting album of design works. Please note title and size for each work). Applicants for art history or art theory must submit a 2000 words paper. For detailed introduction of different majors, please visit this Chinese website: .
  9. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (The original copy should be kept by the applicant. The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. Please select the appropriate time to take medical examination due to the 6-months validity of the medical results.
  10. Photocopy of valid HSK certificate (students whose Chinese level cannot meet with the requirements of major studies must study Chinese language program at the International College of China Academy of Art for one year).
  11. Photocopy of bank receipt for transferring the 600 Yuan RMB application fee (application fee cannot be paid through on-line bank).




March 1 – June 20



Ms. Gao Xindan

Room 331, No.9 Building, 218 Nanshan Road, International College of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, P.R.China

Tel/Fax: 86-571-87164711