The history of the School of Design could be traced to founding of the pattern design department in 1928. In the 1950s, it was transferred to Beijing, In 1958, a new industrial design department was built and Environmental Design Department was separated from it in 1986. In 1996, Industrial Design Department was divided into Visual Communication Department, Textile and Fashion Design Department and Industrial Design and Ceramics Department. In 2003, Design Institute was formed to contain Graphic Design Department, Textile and Fashion Design Department, Industrial Design Department, Integrated Design Department and Design Theory Department. Now the school is situated at Xiangshan Campus. By combining traditional art and high technology, the school intends to transfer Chinese traditional cultural resources to original fashion design which can play an important role in the international platform.

Students: 1300, including 170 master students and 40 doctoral students.
Faculty: 89 teachers, including 17 professors and 24 associate professors.

Dean: Wu Haiyan

Deputy Dean: Ge Jiaying,
Deputy Deans: Zhou Gang, Wang Yun