Situated on the Zhangjiang Campus in Shanghai Hi-Tech Park, the School is an outlet founded in 1997 to serve the whole Yangtze Delta. In 1999, it was authorised to set up a board of directors. The institute draws on the geographical advantage of an international metropolis and trains innovative talents on the basis of this highland of design teaching. It has introduced a strong faculty and plenty of teaching facility to emphasise on the nurture of practical designers. There are seven undergraduate majors: Visual Communication Design, Architecture and Environmental Design, Multimedia Design, Industrial Design, Textile and Fashion Design, Public Art and digital publication and exhibition design, and 7 MA and PhD programs of art theory, fine arts, design, film and play.

Students: 1614

Chairman of the Communist Party branch: Fu Suqing (concurrently)
Deputy Chairman of the Communist Party branch: Chen Zhao
Dean: Wu Xiaohua
Deputy Dean: Fan Kaixi, Duan Weibin


Department of Industrial Design

The department trains design professionals with industrial design capability to create value for the society. It owns advanced equipment to process metals, wood, plastics, ceramics for students on probation. Its industrial design studio and national design incubator are experimenting platforms for the metropolis.
Students: 172
Main courses: man-machine engineering, innovative product design, product semantic signs, materials and application,
design culture, etc.
Chair: Duan Weibin


Department of Textile and Fashion Design

The department trains talents specialised in apparel design, clothing material design, apparel showcase planning, and the production, marketing and management of apparel.
Students: 173
Main courses: style design, apparel structure design, 3D cutting and sewing, apparel techniques and making, internship,
innovative structure design, ect.
Chair: Ye Hong


Department of Visual Communication Design

Students are trained to be engaged in advertising, packaging, bookbinding, visual design, logo and CI design, web page design, media and publication, etc.
Students: 200
Main courses: graphic representation, typography and typesetting, poster design, bookbinding design, logo and CI
design, web page design, etc.
Chair: Ding Wei


The Department of Multimedia Design

This department is focused on 3D animation, web page design, game design, interactive media design, and digital video production. Introducing state-of-art media technology, the art students are required to learn new ideas of media art, new technology and new methodology.
Students: 201
Main courses: photography, visual language and digital camcorder, audio editing and digital imaging, CG art, FLASH for 2D animation, web page design, MAYA, 3D animation, interactive media, game design, etc.
Chair: Deng Bing


Department of Digital Publishing and Exhibition Design

This department consists of very new disciplines which meet the needs of modern time, especially for digital publication and demonstration. Focused on the connection between human life and design, it has “touch life, change life” as its slogan.
Students: 150
Main courses: Exhibition space design, stage lightening design, VJ and 3D mapping Design, lab media design, UI interface design, APP design.
Chair: Yu Tian


Department of Architecture and Environmental Design

The department is meant to train professionals of environmental planning, interior and architecture design strong in basic skills and individualised creation, so as to provide high-tech talents for higher education, research institutes and companies.
Main courses: architectural graphs and mapping, architectural structure and model-making, environmental engineering, building materials, architecture and residence design, landscape design for residency, interior design.
Chair: Feng Jie


Department of Public Art

This department is focused on urban public space art, cultivating urban culture and public space and exploring the rules of public art in urban planning, architecture and gardening. Its courses encourages dialogues with nature, form, classics, and contemporary reality.
Students: 68
Main courses: clay figure, spatial model making, landscape making, national classics and folklore, image and icons, public art creation.
Chair: Luo Xiaoping


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