As a major part of CAA, this school is situated on the beautiful Xiangshan Campus. Founded in 1929, the school has nurtured thousands of artists as China’s earliest basic art education base. Many of them have become famous, among the earliest of whom are Wang Chaowen, Wang Shikuo, Dong Xiwen, Li Qun, Yan Han, Xiao Chuanjiu, Luo Gongliu, Wu Guanzhong, Zhu Dequn, Zhao Wuji, etc. Many of the artists are now the mainstay of contemporary cultural and art circle. The school caters to art institutes and enrolls junior high school graduates from all parts of China as well as from overseas. In the three-year program, besides the general senior high school humanity courses, students are offered drawing, color, sketching, composition, calligraphy, field trip, art connoisseurship, etc.

Students: 450
Faculty: 48 teachers, including 1 professor and 11 senior lecturers.

Principal: Chen Ning

Vice Pprincipals: Xu Wenrong, Dai Junhao

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