A Call for a Design and Construction Plan for Liangzhu Campus of CAA

BY:Hu Xinyun

Edited BY:Li Shiyu


02 11, 2018

There has been a GLOBAL call for a design and construction plan for CAA’s New campus - the Liangzhu Campus. Designs will be accepted until 10am on March 21, 2018.


In July, 2017, a strategic signing of contract was held between the China Academy of Art and the Yuhang Government of Hangzhou to build the new Liangzhu Campus of CAA. Yuhang is in the center of the Yangtze River Delta. As the cradle of Liangzhu culture, which is regarded as the “Dawn of Chinese Civilization”, it is often called the “hometown of fish and rice, the house of silk, garden of flowers and fruit and the land of multiple cultures”.


With around 900 million yuan invested in the engineering construction, Liangzhu Campus will be conveniently located near Liangzhu Station on Metro Line 2.



A 285 mu plot of land has been set aside for the new campus, with the floor area of building construction expected to take up 180,000 square meters. Liangzhu Campus is a key project for the province. It will house the Innovate Design School, School of Art Management and Education, School of Continuing Education and Chinese Art Education Research Institute. It aims to develop as a brand-new campus, combining innovative design education, R&D and industrial development training. The new campus is intended to have the capacity to hold around 4000 students.


Liangzhu campus is predicted to open in September 2020.