The Exhibition Telling 90-year History of CAA opens at Museum of Contemporary Art

BY:Hu Xinyun

Edited BY:Li Shiyu


03 05, 2018

The China Academy of Art will be celebrating its 90th anniversary in April, with a series of grand festivities planned, including an alumni’s donation special exhibition themed on centurial united efforts of predecessors, which is running at the school’s gallery in Hangzhou from Mar 2 to 30.


At the opening ceremony on Mar 5, 9 representatives of alumni attended the donation ceremony and 43 new works have been collected.

During the opening speech this morning, Prof. Hang Jian, vice-president of CAA, mentioned the school’s mission of inheriting art and culture. The theme “century concentric” highlights the university’s purpose and tradition to “sort out Chinese art, introduce Western art, integrate both and create modern art”.

Displaying over 200 exhibits including precious scripts, documents and paintings from alumni, it is the largest-ever special exhibition since the gallery’s founding in 1935.


Exhibition Scene



On April 5 in 1928, Cai Yuanpei wrote to Lin Fengmian, discussing making up the ceremony of opening National Academy of Art


Ink and color painting The Portrait of Ladies by Lin Fengmian, 1980s, 68cmx68cm on display


Spring by Wu Guanzhong Oil Painting 1999 on display



Chinese painting “Shanshui (Mountains and Rivers)” by Lu Yanshao on display


One of the series of house and home objects by Si Tuli Year 2003 156.5x115.5cm on display


Old Campus of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts Pan Yun Chinese Painting Paper 1978 on display


Dandelion Wu Fan Print-making 59.5x39cm 1959 on display


Snow Wang Guangyi Oil Painting 117x187cm 1984 on display


The exhibition runs until March 30.