"Meet Campus" Opens Today for International Women’s Day


Edited BY:Hu Xinyun


03 08, 2018

Press for Progress is the theme of this year's International Women's Day campaign. We would like to encourage everyone to find beauty in your daily life! Happy Women’s Day!


(Photo From Twitter Account of Women's Day)


"Meet Campus", an exhibition displaying photos taken by female staff members at CAA, opens today in the Museum of Comtemporary Art on Nanshan Road, which will last until March 16.Remember to keep searching for the extraordinary beauty found in everyday ordinary life, so that you can push yourself towards greater progress on a daily basis.  

Under the Blue Sky by Qian Xiaofang

After the Snowfall by Qian Xiaofang

In the Rain by Qian Xiaofang

Bright and Clean by Qian Xiaofang

Lipstick and Campus by Zhou Shuqin

Story of Shadow by Wang Lanlan


Winter by Ni Ling

By Tong Yuanyuan