2028-A Prospection/Special Exhibition of 90th Anniversary of CAA

BY:Hu Xinyun

Edited BY:Hu Xinyun


04 07, 2018

April 8 welcomes 90th anniversary of CAA! When CAA is 90-year-old, we imagine what CAA will be like when he is 100-year-old. That is the reason why we curate an exhibition of “2028- A Prospection”. It opens on April 7 and runs until April 27 in Museum of Contemporary Art at Nanshan Campus near the west lake! Presidents from 30 international art universities, leaders of CAA and alumni attended the opening ceremony of exhibition.


The exhibition covers from first floor to fourth floor of Museum of Contemporary Art on Nanshan Road, Hangzhou.


The exhibition is divided into five sections. The first one is “Muling Woodcut Society and M?biusband 1928-2028”. Muling Woodcut Society combines with science fiction “2028- A Prospection”, presenting 20 scenes of the academy from 1928 to 2028.


The second section is “HyperSpace Academy”, exhibiting old video and film of CAA in the means of panorama with mixed reality. Audience can pass through historical spaces of CAA by playing VR game.


The third section is "Genesis- Bright Predictions". Apollos is the academic journal created short after CAA’s foundation. However, later it stops issuing for certain reasons. What covers of a hundred of Apollos like if Apollos never stops issuing? The section uses a hundred of magazine’s cover to present art development over the past 90 years.

The following picture shows the forth section of the exhibition.


In the fifth section, CAA invites kids from the affiliated high school and primary school of CAA to draw their imaginations of academy, themselves and classmates ten years later on the wall of the museum of contemporary art.

A costume ball is held at the art gallery meanwhile!