2018 Design Intelligence Award Design Week (DDW) Will Open

BY:Hu Xinyun

Edited BY:Hu Xinyun


04 27, 2018

The 2018 Design Intelligence Award Design Week will be held on May 6-10 on our university’s Nanshan Campus in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. Its press release is held on April 26 on Nanshan Campus of CAA.


Guided by Zhejiang Principal Government, Design Intelligence Award (DIA) has been held by China Academy of Art for consecutive three years. The DIA is set up for improving industrial upgrade in Zhejiang province and China.


The 2018 DIA Design Week (DDW) is a new highlight of this year. The theme of DDW is “Design Intelligence?Values Link” featuring four main aspects namely Design Competence, Design Education, Design Industry and Design Show. It covers 7 events including the DIA Grand Final, Award Ceremony, Design & Industry matchmaking Fair, Seminar of National Industrial Design Education and Design China Industry Forum.




It is a brainstorm for thousands of global designers. During the DDW, there will be delegates from over 40 countries and regions to participate. You will then witness not only an exciting debate among global designers, but also over 30 speeches and dialogues between experts, as well as an exhibition of around 200 design works.


DIA, as the first international academy award on industry design in China, 400 global experts and scholars from fields of technology, science and industry discuss hot issues on modern industrial design education and industrial chain as well as promotion of cross-border cooperation.


DIA has been held for consecutive three sessions, and has received around 15000 pieces of works from 51 countries and regions. More over nearly half of them will be industrialized. This year’s award bonus pool will be valued up to 6.5 MILLION Yuan.


The DIA Exhibition will last until May 20.


Competition Entries for 2018 DIA Grand Final

Qeeboo Pitagora


Papier Machine


Culture Tea


# Series Intelligent Connection Furniture

Vibram Furoshiki

Nums Ultra-Thin Smart Keyboard

Art Basin



auxiliary tool design for aiding knee joint

Xperia Touch

corn harvester in hilly and mountain area

TOYOTA Fuel Cell Towing tractor Concept

medical system of proton

Oil and electric power decoupling single engine washing machine

A new generation of power centralized motor vehicles


Parking AGV



HEXA Robot




Ziro - World's First Hand Controlled 

Kandao Obsidian Professional 3D 360° VR

Ioncell - the sustainable fibre for the future


Special Award of "Design Yiwu"

VVETrain Projection Tablet HT1


Mono-Inflatable drawing material massage bathtub with high pressure



pulp board with high preesured drawing air cushion


Loewe Bild 5


Air Conditioner Partner


Kitchen Ware



DIT Bluetooth mechanical keyboard


Floor Drain


Chinese Toy Bricks






Special Award "Design Xianling"

Future 3D Print Running Shoes


Aura Pendant









Resonance Stereo

Bubble Ring

123Space Pen 


Self-served Chocolate 3D Printer


3D Print Products based on Traditional bamboo weaving