DIA Exhibition 2018 Opens

BY:Hu Xinyun

Edited BY:Hu Xinyun


05 08, 2018

On May 8, the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) Exhibition 2018 with the theme of “Design Intelligence and Value Linking” holds its opening ceremony in museum of contemporary art beside the Nanshan campus of CAA.


DIA was established in 2015. It is the first international academic award in Chinese industrial design field, a contemporary platform for innovative design promotion and cooperation. With the core value of “eastern intelligence, national capability, living wisdom and innovative resourcefulness”, DIA advocates to make design back to the source of “intelligent manufacture”, gather the innovative resources in the world to “integrate the wisdom and build the future of intelligent manufacture".


This year, DIA develops into the DIA Design Week 2018, which has 7 activities including Grand final, the DIA exhibition, matchmaking fair of design and industry, award ceremony and industrial forum and seminar of National Industrial Design Education.


DIA, this year, builds a “1+X” award system. “1” is the award itself, namely “design intelligence award”. “X” is “special awards”, which pay attention to certain demands and innovative transformation during the development of regional economies and manufacturing enterprises. Special awards include Design Yiwu and Design Shining. Over the past three years, we have received 12952 pieces of work from over 50 countries and regions home and aboard.


The exhibition has four core parts namely design competition, design education, design industry and design presentation.








Leaders of CAA and Hangzhou Municipal government as well as judges’ representatives also attended the meeting.



Qian Xiaofang, Chairwoman of Academy Affairs Committee, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. She mentioned “DIA has provided lots of energy and motivation for disciplinary development. In the fourth round of national disciplines evaluation, the Discipline of Fine Art and Discipline of Design was rated A+, ranking first nationally. “Design Intelligence Award” pays attention to innovative design which meets general demands while two special awards focus on innovation transformation which meets specialized demands of regional economic development and corporation growth.


Ma Jingyue, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Technology Committee, he shared three expectations on discovering a brand new cooperation with local government and companies, developing DIA as an international name card for Zhejiang, and even China, and promoting the industrialization of products in various fields.


Jin Chengtao, Vice Secretary of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, introduced that with a profound history and civilizations of Wuyue and South Dynasty, Shangcheng district now develops into an international and modern area, attracting various talents, capital and technology. DIA is another fruit of cooperation between Shangcheng district and CAA.

Hideichi Misono, judge representative of DIA and Raphael Pluvinage, candidate representative of DIA also shared their experiences and thoughts by participating the DIA contest. As the vice-president of Japan Industrial Designers’ Association, Hideichi Misono shared his thoughts on how to rate works by three principles. Firstly, what inspired the designer? Dose the designer see the essence of social problems that inspire him? Secondly, whether the design can be widely used in daily life? Thirdly, in terms of aesthetics, is it simple while unique? Does it echo the global language and culture?



The opening ceremony is hosted by Hang Jian, the vice-president of CAA.


In the afternoon, the matchmaking fairs of international design and industry are held in the museum of contemporary art on the Nanshan road in Hangzhou.