Zhejiang Provincial Governor Presents Prizes for Winners of DIA 2018!

BY:Hu Xinyun

Edited BY:Hu Xinyun


05 09, 2018

The award ceremony of DIA 2018 is held in Nanshan campus of CAA on May 8. Supported by Zhejiang Provincial Government, the DIA 2018 is hosted by CAA and co-organized by China Industrial Association.

Two pieces- “Parking AGV” and “Power-Concentrated EMUs of New Generation” won the gold awards which are designed by designers from Zhejiang province and Hunan province. Yuan Jiajun, the Zhejiang Provincial Governor, attended the award ceremony and presented the awards to the winners.


At the ceremony, Gao Xingfu, the vice-governor of Zhejiang Provincial Government, and Xie Shuangcheng, vice-mayor of Hangzhou Municipal Government, delivered speeches at the ceremony. Gao Xingfu expressed his expectations on improving DIA’s influence in international design, industrial, social and media fields. Xie Shuangcheng said DIA this year focuses on products’ industrialization by hosting matchmaking fairs between products and industry. He hopes that DIA can attract more talents on industrial design to Hangzhou.

Gao Xingfu, the vice-governor of Zhejiang Provincial Government delived a speech



 Xie Shuangcheng, vice-mayor of Hangzhou Municipal Government shared his thoughts at the ceremo


Xu Jiang, president of CAA, put forward his ideas and thoughts. DIA always stick to the principle of “Four Wisdoms” namely humanistic intelligence, life wisdom, scientific and artistic wisdom, and industrial think tank.


Since its launch in September last year, the DIA 2018 has received 7721 pieces of work from 41 countries and regions. And 650 pieces of works have got revaluated. Then, 151 pieces of work from 19 countries and regions have been rated as excellent works.


At the award ceremony of CAA on May 8, the winners of “Gold Award” of DIA, “Design Yiwu” and “Design Shining” have been announced respectively.


“Parking AGV” and “Power-Concentrated EMUs of New Generation” is awarded as Gold Award of DIA, and “Chinese Building Block” and “Air conditioner Partner” are awarded as first prize of “Design Yiwu”. “Aura Pendant” and “Microscape” are awarded as the first prize of “Design Shining”.

Parking AGV


Power-Concentrated EMUs of New Generation


Chinese Building Block

Air conditioner Partner


Aura Pendant