The Youngest a Phd Holder in Jewelry Design in China

BY:Hu Xinyun

Edited BY:Hu Xinyun


07 03, 2018

Duan Yanli, the youngest holder of a PhD in jewelry design in China, has the ability to make many different jewelry designs thanks to her knowledge and life experience. She uses different kinds of materials for making her jewelry and she has created her own brand and jewelry studio.



Except as a jewelry designer,Duan Yanli has a great knowledge on ceramics, painting and clothing. To some extent, she is more like an independent artist.


Jewelries that Yanli makes are inspried by her dailylife, life experiences and journeys on the road.The graduation works for her undergraduate study--"Clouds and Other Side of the Hill" is inspired by her journey to Tibet.



For Yanli, a piece of jewelry is like a mirror, through which, Yanli can see herself.Making jewelry is like writing dairy to record her life and thoughts.


Her studio discovers art constantly while make jewelry accessible for the public.