The Exhibition in San Francisco will open

BY:Hu Xinyun

Edited BY:Li Shiyu


11 12, 2018

The exhibition “From/To: the Frontier of Chinese Art Education”, jointly hosted by CAA and San Francisco Art Institute will be on at San Francisco Art Institute from Nov 16 to Dec 9. A forum themed on“Poverty of SensibilityPanel 21: Art / Education in the 21st Century Ⅲ” will be hosted on Nov 16-17, during the exhibition as well. Let’s see some pieces of artworks now to set off the event.


“The figure of Chinese calligraphy” (in Chinese:笔阵图) by Wang Dongling in 2007

“Disciples” (in Chinese: 使徒) by Chang Qing in 2015

“Watch Dragon”– dream series (in Chinese: 梦系列《看青龙》) by Chen Haiyan in 2003

“Just a Mistake” (in Chinese: 仅仅是个错误) by Liu Wei in 2010