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02 11, 2019

YOUNG to young

First Season

“ playshop ”

Global Invitation


The third semester course “YOUNG to young” is an international collaborative curriculum brand established by the School of Design and Innovation of CAA. The course aims to become one of the core course brands of the international collaborative teaching platform for undergraduate teaching with the support of the School of Design and Innovation of CAA. We plan to recruit 16 foreign youth tutors from around the world to participate in a one-month collaborative teaching program with 16 outstanding young domestic teachers. The name of the course will be YOUNG to young.



YOUNG to young will be a collaborative teaching initiative for young talents from around the globe, while also holding innovative design teaching activities involving young artists, designers, creators, teaching practitioners and young students. We wish to gather the most vivid design visions and viewpoints from around the world in one place to ignite the most passionate place of learning possible, and build up an academic exchange platform for young people, so that the tutors and students can spontaneously establish a creative community while teaching creativity.



In 2019, the first season of YOUNG to young will take place. As a course for freshmen, we hope that the basic knowledge of the design major can be integrated through international and diversified course teaching. At the same time, throughout the study of the course and the discussion of various subjects, the entire school will be built into the very promising “workshop”, “experimental field”, “carnival” and “reality show”. We are able to open the learning experience of the design major with “collective creation”, and output the result of this design thinking training by “creating the collective”. We advocate: vitality, vision, collectivity, collaboration and guidance.


The first season of YOUNG to young is begins on June 3rd and continues on until June 30th, 2019. During the semester of this season, the theme of the course we have prepared is “PLAYSHOP”. The teaching activities of this season will also become an important section of the “Zhijiang International Youth Art Festival”, and the theme will also support the core activity structure of the entire festival “Game Theater”. We will utilize the 16 honeycomb rooms of Xiangshan Art Commune as classrooms and bases, and our courses will also become the “game group” for inventing “collective games”.


“PLAYSHOP” means “a shop for games”, which specifically refers to the “Workshop for game development” in this course. The workshop designs and provides a series of playability orientated game experiences as a means of providing participants with imagination stimulation based on games. Under this theme, we hope that designers and artists can design new forms of ga moodmes or game experiences through an overall fun, joyful and passionate gamification design experience. At the same time, we also offer a series of related reference words for you to design, arrange and imagine the courses: meanwhile you can learn and research through the creation of game landscape, programming and development, game theater, script narration, spatial narration, user behavior, character design, and you can also complete the creation and designing of prop production, pictorial games, bodily orientated games,  word games, sound games, experimental video, as well as interactive devices and installations.


During the course, we will arrange a teacher-student meetings, two collective performances, three youth teaching round table discussions, and four public lectures in the school. At the same time, we will be responsible for the transportation and accommodation of international young tutors throughout the period the course takes place, and arrange art salons and research trips to surrounding areas. In addition, we will pay the corresponding teaching salary to the tutors according to each class hour.


Finally, we sincerely invite you to join this wonderful global collective teaching event

Please reply to our invitation within 14 days with your resume and portfolio. Please return your teaching plans according to the direction of the above course. We sincerely hope that you can attach your past teaching experience or other workshops you have take part in.

Please use the attachments fill in the registration form.

If you have any other questions please contact our adminstration office.



We sincerely expect to cooperate and study with you.