Green Friday was held on April 5th


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Source:International College

04 08, 2019

On Friday 5th April we held an event called Green Friday. Our first event of newly established International Students Club of China Academy of Art was held in Shanbei living area. Jin zhilin, Dean of the International College, also attended the activity. She and the teachers of the International College work with international students on garbage sorting. International students enjoyed beautiful weather and helped to clean the garden around their dormitory.


Qingming Festival is important in China, when spring is coming, nature is fresh and clear. That was also the reason for connection of our event with this holiday. Our students and teachers collected the garbage around the garden with total weight of 308kg.


Later few of our students sorted the trash and found a very rich material what they will use for their art projects and exhibitions. Group of our Green Artists already showed up wearing unique trash costumes during our Green Friday event.


As our teacher highlighted, Qingming Festival is fifth of the Chinese lunar term, the flowers blossom and the nature is turning green. At the end of our activity we planted a tree as a symbol of green sprit and a symbol of just established International students club of China Academy of Art.


We hope we can inspire more people to be aware of environmental issues and keep Hangzhou more green and clean. Every small effort to help each other is important and doesn't matter in what country you just live now.


Even just small steps count. Collecting the garbage is great, but reducing your own trash is even better. Next time you go shopping try to bring your own bag, use your bottle for drinks or order less waimai and don't waste the food, save the water and the electricity. Enjoy more nature around with your friends and family.


We are grateful for support of our international office and help of our teachers during the activity. We believe in such a great vigor during all our events in the future.