City project uses art to enhance village life


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In an effort to integrate art into the construction of rural areas and enhance people's artistic aesthetics, China Academy of Art launched the "For a Better China" project last year to encourage young artists to experience and create art in villages and impoverished areas.


Now, some of the experimental works are on display at "The Close-up: 100 Moments For A Better China" exhibition at China Design Museum through July 25.


"The concept of better China not merely includes environmental protection and a low-carbon lifestyle, but also encompasses humanity, harmony and the beauty of life," said Gao Shiming, president of CAA.


"What we can do is to break the boundary between art and rural life and inject new energy into the countryside's development," Gao added.


The exhibition hopes to evoke art education in villages and hamlets and herald a new chapter of artistic practice nationwide.


City project uses art to enhance village life

Experimental works on display


Last year, CAA carried out a nationwide field research, from high-altitude plateaus to roadside food stalls in Hong Kong, and collected about 100 artistic projects deeply rooted in grassroots people with a close relationship between humans and nature.


Some designers carve out cultural and creative space for people living in crowded communities while some artisans reinvigorate traditional crafts of remote villages.


Visitors can learn and think about art education and cultivation through the exhibits on view.


CAA has also established a team to explore cooperation strategies with governments and enterprises in the hope of building an innovative path to boost the integration of social development and education in China.


"The Close-up: 100 Moments For A Better China" exhibition

Date: Through July 25, closed on Mondays

Venue: China Academy of Art, Xiangshan Campus

Address: 352 Xiangshan Rd