Curtain Goes Up on "Songs of the Earth: Artistic Documentary for a Better China"


Edited BY:Liu Yifan





Songs of the Earth: Artistic Documentary for a Better China, an exhibition hosted by China Academy of Art, featured the most significant amount of case studies on the Beautiful China Initiative. The exhibition kicked off at the China Millennium Monument on March 1. Through interviews with more than 300 artists, scholars, designers, entrepreneurs, and practitioners in 34 provinces and autonomous regions, researchers from the CAA Research Institute of the Beautiful China Initiative have accumulated a wealth of documents and video materials, successfully founding the country's first Beautiful China Case Study Database. During the research, these case studies were sorted into four categories: Ecology, Village, Community, and Digital. In the exhibition, nearly 100 cases, selected from a pool of more than 300, vividly showcased the social, artistic, demonstrative, innovative, sustainable, and representative practices taking place across China since the reform and opening-up, especially in the past decade, demonstrating how a beautiful China is coming into being. The Beautiful China Online Interactive Archive System also debuted in the exhibition. Still in its initial stage, the system allows the viewers to find cases from their hometowns when sorted by region. The viewers can also select specific cases based on categories and practice attributes. Moreover, the system will go through constant upgrades to include a variety of functions, such as digital twins of the exhibition and research, the digital map and family tree of the cases, and the records of follow-up research of the proposals. The exhibition connected an army of practitioners to form an "action network", collecting over 100 "future-oriented proposals" on how to build a better life. Such "network of intelligence", gathering talents to create border-crossing innovation in the Beautiful China Initiative, illustrated the multiple dimensions involved in building a beautiful China. And bit by bit, the network pooled efforts from countless practitioners to write magnificent songs of the earth for the Beautiful China Initiative.




The Beautiful China Initiative involves ecology, production, and life, affecting natural environment, urban and rural features, industrial innovation, humanistic aspects, social ethics and more. From regional development to community-level governance, from urban and rural planning to community empowerment, from ecological restoration to rural revitalization and eventually to the physical and mental health of every individual, all of these are included in the great cause of building a beautiful China.