Design Industry Innovation Center (DIIC)

The Design Intelligence Innovation Center (DIIC) is one of the first innovation centers founded by the universities in Zhejiang Province under the guidance of “Program 2011” (The Program for the Elevation of Universities’ Innovation Capabilities).


The Center collaborates with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Beijing University and Hangzhou Municipal Government to carry out regional development researches. Aiming to fulfill the great need of transformation and upgrading of the domestic and local manufacturing industry in China, DIIC focuses on the promotion of industry and talents fostering; motivated by the innovation of culture, the Center attempts to accomplish the idea of “Design of the East”. With the technology transfer and combined effects, DIIC aims to be a model helping Zhejiang Province transform into a major site for industrial manufacturing and proceed to act as a model for displaying the value of culture in contemporary China by further strengthening the link between the culture and the industry.


Currently, the Center has four major research directions, including product innovation research, urban and rural comprehensive construction, independent brand experiment and Zhejiang Key Laboratory for health and smart kitchen system. There are 51 postgraduate students and 10 PhD students. In terms of staff team, there are 24 supervisors and more than 100 researchers, majoring in art, design, architecture, information, engineering, manufacturing, commerce and management, etc. 


Director: Wang Yun