Game Art Design Research Institute (Shangyu Research Institute)

The art of game is an important cultural carrier and form of communication under the context of globalization. The international operation and promotion of the ethnic interactive games requires a platform to support the promotion, the participation of professional research and development forces and the innovation of theory. Therefore, the China Academy of Art and the people's government of Shangyu district have established an "Institute of Game-Art Design of the China Academy of Art in Shangyu district ". It is also an important part of the combination of the characteristic teaching research of the China Academy of Art as a "Double First-rate" institution.



The construction of the platform will put it as the primary goal that to study the commercialization and internationalization of Chinese art in the game. Through the team project development and theoretical research, this amplifies the advantages of cooperation among the innovation of China Academy of Art, the technical leader of Yangtze Delta and the tradition of southern Yangtze tourism.


The members of the Institute are based on the existing core teachers and excellent graduate students of the Online Games Department of The China Academy of Art and the high-end talents of the industry that were introduced. They contribute to the development of the new era carrier of the art career of traditional culture.