Center for Chinese Thoughts, Painting and Calligraphy (CCTPC)

Center for Chinese Thoughts, Painting and Calligraphy (CCTPC) was initiated by China Academy of Art in 2016. Prof. Jin Guantao is chairman of the academic committee of the Center, and other members are as follows: Mao Jianbo, Jiao Xiaojian, Liu Qingfeng and Cai Feng. There are 10 PhD and 7 PhD candidates and more than 20 masters supervised by Prof. Jin Guantao and his colleagues, who have been devoting themselves to the research.


The team’s work is based on the interpretation of keywords and establishment of Art Database. The research is on Chinese thoughts and Landscape Painting and Calligraphy, i.e., investigating the correlation between the origin of Oriental Art and the rise of the Chinese philosophy. The Center is invested in establishing a new system of Art philosophy that takes research by Chinese and western aesthetic comparison.