The Institute for Collaborative Innovation in Chinese Visual Studies

The Institute for Collaborative Innovation in Chinese Visual Studies was jointly founded in the 2013 by China Academy of Art, the National Art Museum of China, Zhejiang Radio & TV Group and Tongji University as one of the “Zhejiang Province’s 2011 Collaborative Innovation Centers”.



It focuses on three key areas— “Visual Sinology”, “Contemporary Visual Production” and “Rural Studies”. It is dedicated to redefining the visual content of the Chinese culture, creating visual forms for China as a nation of cultural substance and improving the visual quality of contemporary life by building an international, specialized and diverse research team.


The Center hired internationally famous Sinologist Prof. Lothar Ledderose and art historian Prof. Fan Jingzhong to serve as its honorary deans. Meanwhile, it uses means such as hiring "academicians", "research fellows" and "visiting professors" to gather successfully a group of domestically and internationally well-known top Sinologists and scholars for further researching and teaching activities. The Centre also tries to expand its cooperation with the media so as to create an international platform for future cultural communication and exchanges, hence spreading its cultural influence to the world.


Director:Gao Shiming

Deputy Director:Wang Lin