Institute of International Collaboration

Institute of International Collaboration (IIC) is an accredited international platform that focuses on transdisciplinary joint educational programs in art and design. With ‘A Boundless School & Future Oriented’ as fundamental features, IIC emphasizes on inter-disciplinary, cross-cultural, cross-industrial educating, research and practice. Collaborated with prestigious schools and organizations worldwide, IIC offers its students comprehensive study topics and varied programs, preparing them to contribute to a coming global future.


Institute of International Collaboration was founded in 2006 as Chinesisch-Deutsche Künstakademie (CDK), based on a MA program between China Academy of Art and Universität DerKünste Berlin. The program had an early support from DeutscherAkademischerAustauschdienst(DAAD). There are three joint MA degree programs in IIC currently, including International Brand Communication MA program with Brand University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Monumental Heritage MA program with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences(Germany), and Integrated Design MA program with L’École de Design de Nantes Atlantique(France). All three programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education of China, and the Integrated Design Program received a ERASMUS+ scholarship fund in 2019.


IIC’s next development focus mainly on three fields. First, IIC will develop exchange programs/organization for double degrees with new partners. Secondly, exploring a new International Innovation Harbor project in CAA Shanghai Campus. Based on the city of Shanghai, IIC could offer its students full resource to social, cultural, design and art developments through various activities. The International Innovation Harbor will be an experimental field with the core of 10 Future Oriented Questions, inviting partners to research and practice together. Third one is a long-term project of ‘Future Community’ IIC works along with Zhejiang Province. The purpose of this project is offering a better life to people with humanization, ecology and digitalization as the core values, along with future neighborhoods, education, health, entrepreneurship, transportation, energy. IIC will set up a “Future Laboratory”, hoping to cooperate with internationally renowned universities and institutions, to jointly conduct leading and applied research, hold international workshops, forums in relevant areas of the theme.


IIC is committed to creating a community of talented, studying problems and questions related to the upcoming future, and combining the best elements of design and art education with social engagement.


Prof. Yu Jian