Department of Art Education

As a professional teaching and practice platform for fine arts education, personnel training and discipline research, the Department of Art Education has always adhered to the academic purpose of “inheriting aesthetic education and disseminating beauty”.The Department aims at the aesthetic education on public service, promotes and leading the study of social aesthetic education and public cultural service system and exploring new form of contemporary art education and communication, and trains students into art education professionals who contribute to the development of quality education and innovative spirit.


The art education major starts from the needs of contemporary art education, to strengthen the characteristics of art education, deepen curriculum reform; improve the quality of teaching, and to establish the new model of combining topic and module. The Department of Education aims to promote the overall improvement of art education through diversity, comprehensive review and dialogue. At present, there are three studios: Social Aesthetic Education and Communication, Teacher Training and Internet Art Education.


Department Chair: Li Yong

Vice Department Chair: Gao Wen