Department of Calligraphy

In 1963, the China Academy of Art became the first institution ever to offer a major of Calligraphy and Seal Cutting, under the Chinese Painting Department. In 2001, the Calligraphy and Seal Cutting major became its own department. Since then, the Department of Calligraphy continues to resolutely pursue the study of classical tradition and to enhance and promote its discoveries through its curriculum.The Department seeks to solidify a strong foundation, allowing fundamental virtues to be recognized, observed and interpolated, encouraging the utilization of tradition as a key into contemporary and future practice.


The department emphasizes a solid foundation in classical Chinese studies and pays great attention to the individual's refined appreciation and sensibility, both aesthetically and in personal character. Cultural cultivation, based upon the integration of theory and practice, all combined to structure the department's philosophy and teaching methods. These elements assist the department to create a complete and advanced structure of Calligraphy teaching pedagogy, and a specialized clear-cut approach to training, which both domestically and internationally has raised the bar in the field and study of Calligraphy. Ultimately the department's goal is to nurture individuals with advanced capabilities in the practice and artistic creation of calligraphy and seal cutting, as well as in professional academic research. The department's majors include, Calligraphy and Seal Cutting, Calligraphy and Education.


Department Chair: Shen Hao

Vice Department Chair: Shen Leping