Department of Chinese Painting

The Department of Chinese painting specializes in cultivating great talents in the areas of Chinese painting and its fields of research.The department was the first ever in China to propose teaching and implementing the vast area of Chinese painting as a separate specialized discipline.Further the department was also the first ever to offer Calligraphy as an official major of study. The Department of Chinese Painting holds a strong cultural foundation including its deep respect for tradition and profound legacy of great talents.


The Department earliest incarnation began as a platform to teach specifically, ‘National Painting’ and ‘Colored Ink Painting’. However in 1957, under the guidance and encouragement of master Chinese painter and educator, Pan Tianshou, the department returned and re-established its original title as the Department of Chinese Painting.The Department of Chinese painting, in addition to paying careful attention to the individual study of each genre also emphasizes and explores the integrative study of majors in Chinese Figure painting, Mountain Water (Landscape) painting, Bird and Flower painting, as well as a Comprehensive study major.


Department Chair: Zhang Gumin

Vice Department Chair: Liu Haiyong, Hua Jun