Department of Ceramics

The Department of Ceramics inherits and develops the tradition of‘handicraft art’. Academically, it blends the East and the West, tradition and innovation. Its mission is to carry forward ancient Eastern handicraft culture. Based on contemporary life, with a devotion to innovation and breakthrough, the Department advocates humanistic handicrafts and the creation of functional objects. The department looks back upon tradition, studies current crafts, and ponders over the direction of future ceramics art education and creation. It inherits local culture and builds a spirit of Eastern studies on design-art.


The Department of Ceramics attaches importance to international horizons and advanced contemporary design concepts. The Department emphasizes on nurturing creative and interdisciplinary talents and developing an interdisciplinary and diversified teaching platform. The department devotes itself to improving construction of contemporary handicraft and teaching system in order to improve research, innovation and development of contemporary handicrafts culture in urban life.


Department Chair: Dai Yuxiang

Vice Department Chair: Wu Hao