Department of Design Studies

In compliance with the mission and tradition of the China Academy of Art, and in accordance with the development of the discipline of Chinese design, following years of deliberation and preparation, the Department of Design Studies was founded in November 2005. It aims to emphasize reflection and criticism on cutting-edge issues in contemporary design in the hopes of playing a pivotal role in integrating and reflecting on design history and critically guiding modern design practice. The Department currently has only one major–Art-Design - that develops an organic teaching approach of “one basis and three knowledge modules” namely the three disciplines of design history and theory, protection and revitalization of cultural heritage and design management and planning based on a combination of design history studies verification and design practice.


In responsibility of “New Design History Studies” construction based on Design Eastern Studies theoretically, and with an academic spirit of verification and truth-seeking, Department of Design Studies probes into inherent logic and laws of objects and art and actively brings up professionals being good at both theory and practice, who are humanistic accomplished in design theory as well as design practice.


Department Chair: Zheng Juxin

Vice Department Chair: Chen Jing