School of Design

China Academy of Art was among the first art academies to set up the design majors in the beginning of the 20th century. Its long history witnessed an evolutional development from pattern, to crafts and finally to modern design. The faculty members, both Chinese and foreign, made great contributions to constructing the core curriculum system with an international vision of both the East and the West, which has helped the school standout, becoming a front runner among peers institutions.


The school embraces the concepts of modern design theory, emphasizing the combination of art and technology, of talent and innovation, of creativity and economy, trying to construct the eastern design with Chinese characteristics. It seeks to cultivate the international market, providing high-end design talents in the various contemporary design professions.


There are five departments within the school: Department Of Visual Communication, Department of Fashion&Textile Design, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Comprehensive Design, and Department of Design Theory. They provide more than 20 majors covering levels from undergraduate to PhD. The School of Design is a leader among design schools in China.


Dean: Bi Xuefeng

Vice Dean: Chen Yanping, Cheng Zhaohui, Wang Yun