Department of Design

The department provides several majors with basic teaching courses: Visual Communication Design, Textile and Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Integrated Design, Ceramics and Crafts, Jewelry Design, Glass Art, etc. A future-oriented teaching philosophy, open and pluralistic-teaching attitudes organize group learning. The Department opens horizons and individual minds through the practice of fine arts, design and basic theory course.


Training Objective: Adhering to the academic philosophy of ‘a multifaceted approach to learning, seeking harmony through diversity’, in accordance with the ‘diverse practice and strong foundation’ requirements of academy for professionals, the Department provides one-year courses including foundation for fine arts, design, creativity, investigative theory, design history, etc., which are to prepare the later study in each major. The branch focuses on cultivating students' aesthetic ability, gives them a broad horizon, a certain formal vision, and the corresponding studio skills; focus on cultivating systematic thinking ability, to enable students to observe, to think deeply and to solve problems logically; focus on cultivating the personality of students, striving to inspire their passion for life.


Department Chair: Li Mu

Vice Department Chair: Zhou Xiaofan, Ye Weiliang