Department of Fine Arts

Based on the requirements of fine arts majors for basic education, the Department enhances the basic ability of students with effective and specific courses, aimed at improving their professional quality and broadening their art horizon. It equips them with solid modeling ability and basic theoretical knowledge. The branch provides fourteen majors with basic teaching: Oil Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Intermedia Art, Landscape Installation, Public Sculpture, Public Space Art, Art Engineering and Technology, Mural Painting, Lacquer Painting, Public Art Education (Art Management), Fiber Art, Art Education, Art Connoisseurship and Collection.


Training Objective: The teaching in fine arts department focuses on inheriting and researching classic figurative art of both the East and the West, emphasizing vivid and direct visual experience, purifying the taste and style of visual language, which reflects the convergence of craft and concept. Drawing, color, landscape practice, traditional painting and calligraphy are the basic courses which provide the skills needed for a good artist. The curriculum fosters integrated ability of knowledge, skill and thought.


Department Chair: Guo Jianlian

Vice Department Chair: Shao Beiyan