Department of Mural Painting

The Department of Mural Painting is based on studio practice. It establishes practical teaching models which emphasize studio practice and versatility. The Department of Mural Painting is deeply involved with the research of ‘mural study and creation in the process of urbanization’. Emphasis is placed on the study of iconography and contemporary artistic achievements. The Department approach to mural art is informed by media and materialogy. It explores grand narratives and memorial painting as an expression of public art. It emphasizes also lays stress on innovation in the modern architectural space in experimentation as a key aspect of mural art. The Department inherits principles and techniques of classic mural paintings. It strives to create a production-education-research platform for combining academic research and social services.


Now the Department of Fine Arts Mural has two professional studios: large memorial narrative mural creation studio and the eastern mural creation studio, which includes technique research and practical mural media centers: Chinese traditional secco, European fresco, tempera, ceramic plates painting, mosaic, mineral color painting, layered cave painting, color decoration craft, and replication and repairing.


Department Chair: Liang Yi

Vice Department Chair: Lin Chenxi