Department of Oil Painting

The Department of Oil Painting was originally called 'the Department of Western Painting' when first established by the Academy. In 1954, the school officially became 'the Department of Oil Painting'. The Department of Oil Paintings has rooted itself in the global tradition and expansion of the art of oil painting. The Department emphasizes the research of systematic, foundational theory and methods. Importance is placed on harmonizing oil painting and the spirit of Chinese art as well as employing fundamental skills used with investigation.


The department seeks to foster individuals capable in the creation of oil painting and its corresponding academic tasks. The department uses a 'studio' system model as its teaching structure, setting up studios in, Historical and Subject-based Painting, New Forms Painting, New Forms and Expressions of Painting, Multi-dimensional Expressions of Painting, and Integrated Painting (Five studios in total). The Department also includes research laboratory specializing in research on oil painting materials and techniques.


Department Chair: He Hongzhou

Vice Department Chair: ZhaoJun