Department of Fiber Art

The Department of Fiber Art represents a newly emerging artistic discipline in contemporary art. Its pioneering vision Fiber Art explores the boundaries between social context and human spirit in a variety of material-based media. The Department is forming a new category of artistic expression. It has introduced ‘soft-sculpture’, installation to other pre-existing fiber based media such as weaving and surface design. These art forms share a common mission of cultivating creativity and innovation in its students. It cultivates talent with academic research and intense studio practice.


The Department seeks to combine Chinese and Western art spirits. It includes two studios: Fiber Plastic Arts and Fiber Space Art; two labs – Weaving and Digital Fibers. The Department of Fiber Arts offers degrees at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels. It will continually explore and improve the modernity of the Oriental spirit. It is devoted to individual creativity that serves the public and explores new creative opportunities for display in both museum and public spaces.


Department Chair: Professor Shi Hui