Department of Crafts

The history of the crafts disciplines could be traced to Pattern Design Department of National Academy of Art. In the summer of 1960, “Department of Crafts” was officially established with initiative and organization by Professor Deng Bai. The Department of Crafts has three design majors, Glass, Jewelry and Lacquer Art. It has bachelor and master programs, which incorporate with a ‘direction-major-studio’ based three-layer teaching system. Each major has well-constructed professional studios for experimental teaching.


The Department encourages the spirit of craftsmanship of ‘humanistic hands-on work and inheritance of skills’ and emphasizes research on contemporary crafts theory and creation. It has created a new teaching concept- “experimental field and new classroom” combining international horizon and local humanistic spirit. Crafts Discipline is the Zhejiang provincial key discipline and the key research base for humanities and social sciences, meanwhile it shares platform of national experimental teaching demonstration center with the School of Crafts.


Department Chair: Li Wen

Vice Department Chair: Zhang Lan