China Academy of Art
Zhang Aiguo
Professor, Doctor, Postgraduate Supervisor

Prof. Zhang graduated from CAA with a bachelor's degree, master's degree, and Ph.D. degree in calligraphy and seal cutting. He was a student of Prof. Wang Dongling and obtained his Ph.D. in literature in 2007. He is currently a professor and postgraduate supervisor at the Department of Calligraphy of CAA.

Professional Titles

Visiting professor at Gifu Women's University

Research fellow at the Modern Calligraphy Research Center of CAA

Deputy Secretary-General of Lanting Calligraphy Society

Member of the Calligraphy Education Committee of the Chinese Society of Education

Member of China Calligraphers Association

Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Calligraphy Education Research Association

Deputy Director of the Education Committee of Zhejiang Calligraphers Association

Member of the Presidium of Hangzhou Calligraphers Association

The first researcher at the Institute of Chinese Calligraphy of Southeast University

Visiting professor at College of Arts of Xiamen University

Visiting artist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong