Ida Blazicko


Edited BY:Liu Yifan




The sculptor and public artist Ida Blazicko was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1985. She studied in the Department of Public Art, China Academy of Art, from 2009 to 2012 and got her PhD under the guidance of Professor Yang Qirui.


Ida Blazicko in the Chinese Classroom in 2008


Ida Blazicko Took Part in Activities for International Students in Zhejiang in 2008


Now she is a member of Croatian Association of Artists. She went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA for study. She has a PhD in the field of bionics in Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia and she is a foreign professor in the Department of Public Art, China Academy of Art. Now she teaches in Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia. 


Ida Blazicko and Advisor Yang Qirui at the 90th Anniversary of China Academy of Art in April of 2018


 Ida Blazicko Returned for the 90th Anniversary of CAA and the Tea Party for the 40th Anniversary of Studying Abroad in CAA, China in April of 2018


The study in China gave Ida Blazicko a lot of enlightenment and inspiration. Wandering among the mountains and rivers in Hangzhou, a city with absolute Oriental beauty, and with a deep interest in culture and aesthetics of East Asia, she started to create various sculptures conversing with nature.


Ida Blazicko Gave Lessons to Students from Academy of Fine Arts, Croatia


Group Photo of Ida Blazicko and Xu Jiang at the Graduation Ceremony


Ida Blazicko Was Creating a Work of Paper-cutting