FC Barcelona Collaborate with China Academy of Art to Celebrate Chinese New Year


Edited BY:Li Shiyu

Source:FC Barcelona Club


FC Barcelona have collaborated with the China Academy of Art (CAA) to produce a series of posters that combine the Club’s stars with traditional Chinese patterns and graphics, creating visual designs that represent both the FC Barcelona brand and Chinese culture and heritage.The posters feature FC Barcelona football stars Lionel Messi, Luís Suárez, Marc-André TerStegen, Antoine Griezmann and Lieke Martens, each with traditional Chinese symbols including dragons, qilins, lion dances and cranes

This is the first time a top European football club has released co-branded work with the CAA to create creative local festival graphics. The series of posters will be distributed on official Barça channels over the course of Chinese New Year.

The posters feature five FC Barcelona football stars, each with traditional Chinese symbols including dragons, qilins, lion dances and cranes. The visuals also include elements of the Peking Opera, the most famous form of Chinese opera. In the Peking Opera, individual characters play specific roles within the narrative and the meaning of those roles is conveyed by face painting and costumes. In the posters, the Peking Opera facial make up is tailored to each Barça player to represent their individual characteristics

Lionel Messi’s Peking Opera facial make up represents the ‘Fortune Hero’. The poster depicts dragons, carps and lotuses, which communicate strong characteristics of leadership and fortune. Luis Suárez is depicted as the ‘Longevity Hero’, meaning brave and tenacious, which is transmitted through lions, flags and clouds. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen represents the ‘Wisdom Hero’, illustrating enthusiasm and vitality. Antoine Griezmann’s poster is decorated with azure dragons and white tigers to depict the ‘Happiness Hero’, illustrating enthusiasm and vitality. FC Barcelona Femení football player Lieke Martens’ image is the ‘Victory Hero’ and pictures the red crowned crane and peony to symbolize longevity and honour. Together, the posters are colorful, lively and festive, expressing celebration and best wishes for the new ye

Statement by Toni Claveria, Head of APAC for FC Barcelona

“Collaborating with a prestigious organisation such as the China Academy of Art gives our Club the opportunity to learn about Chinese traditions, art and culture. Together, we’ve created a concept that is inspired by a shared long-standing commitment to art in its various guises, whether that be on the football pitch at Camp Nou or in art school at the CAA. We hope that it resonates with our millions of fans in China and those around the world who celebrate Chinese New Year”

Statement by Bi Xuefeng, Dean of School of Design, China Academy of Art

“Art brings joy and the top level of football is an engaging art form. Over 120 years FC Barcelona has become a world-renowned football club that has cultivated numerous stars and achieved outstanding results. The Club is now beloved by hundreds of millions of fans. Since it was established 91 years ago, the China Academy of Art has become a world class art school that has always promoted the development of Chinese art and is considered a ‘palace of art’ for art enthusiasts. This collaboration combines China’s most important festival, Chinese New Year and the world of football through Chinese patterns that transmit auspiciousness, blessings, wisdom, strength and bravery through creative posters. The collaboration serves to promote both the Club and its players as well as traditional Chinese culture. It is a fusion of art and mutual cross-border learning of culture.”