China Academy of Art launches exhibition series to motivate social engagement in co-building a 'beautiful China'

BY:Tan Qikuan

Edited BY:Liu Yifan




On June 25, 2022, the China Academy of Art, one of China's leading art education institutes launched an exhibition entitled "A-C-Tion 2022 series of academic activities". The exhibition aims at presenting the collections of artworks that showcase the beauty of China from different perspectives. The day also marks the first anniversary of the establishment of the Beautiful China Institute of the China Academy of Art.



A-C-Tion 2022 poster


"A-C-Tion 2022" exhibition includes three major sections, "Practical Chronicle", "Character Chronicle" and "Thinking Chronicle". In the forms of artistic practice, keynote speeches, and forums, the exhibition archives 100 kinds of art practices that are featured in social functions, innovation, aesthetics, and sustainability and displays the beauty of China from different angles, motivating deep reflections about the construction of a beautiful China. 



"Close-up: 100 Moments for a Better China" exhibition


Gao Shiming, the president of the China Academy of Art said that through the discussions and explorations of the exhibition, we can connect all social forces in China and jointly construct an "action network" for constructing a beautiful China. By activating the innovative energy of local society with various cultural and artistic creations, we can form a development mechanism for self-development and co-creation, and gather more practical wisdom for creating a better China. 



Gao Shiming, President of China Academy of Art, delivered a speech


In the upcoming July, the "A-C-Tion 2022" exhibition will launch a series of online and offline forums, including activities such as Q&A salons, keynote speeches, and so forth. The exhibition will last until July 25.