"Century Tide, Zhejiang Patterns" exhibition commemorates Zhejiang heroes in the past century

BY:Tan Qikuan, Wang Hanyue (Intern)

Edited BY:Liu Yifan

Source:In Zhejiang



On July 8, an exhibition entitled "Century Tide, Zhejiang Patterns", which is held for the purpose to commemorate heroes in Zhejiang opened at the Zhejiang Exhibition Hall. The exhibition is organized by the Publicity Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPC, the Zhejiang Federation of Literary and Art and the China Academy of Art. 



The"Century Tide, Zhijiang Models" special exhibition (Photo/Tan Qikuan)


 The exhibition archives multimedia documents (images, biographies, letters, research monographs, etc.) of the most famous model workers from all walks of life who have been dedicated to the public welfare and common prosperity for all people in Zhejiang, aiming for inspiring the people of Zhejiang and sending a positive message to the whole society of Zhejiang.  



Audience watching the exhibition (Photo/China Academy of Art)


The curation team of this exhibition gets inspired by the history of Zhejiang with oil paintings, aiming at showing the vigorous vibes of China's new era with murals and bright colors by using comprehensive painting techniques. At the same time, the exhibition shows how art creators perceive and portray these revolutionary martyrs, heroes, and advanced models across time and space in various artistic forms. After more than 5 months of preparations, being reviewed by several experts, modifications, and polishing, nearly 100 single portraits and 11 group paintings were finally presented.

The exhibition will last from 8 to 18 July this summer.