Exhibition Titled “A Face of Second Modernity: The BraunDesign 1951-1967”is on


Edited BY:Li Shiyu



A special exhibition titled “A Face of Second Modernity: The BraunDesign 1951-1967” is being held at CAA’s China Design Museum from Oct 29 to Jan 29, 2020, featuring nearly 130 exhibits and 100 documents by Braun, a famous German consumer products manufacturer.

This exhibition is the first comprehensive display of Braun’s designs to be held in China. It is intended to trace the origin of the firm’s stylish designs, and introduce its development as a model of post-war European modernist design (second modernity). It also examines how Braun's design philosophy will impact on sustainable design. 

Cecil F.S. Newman Blumenstraße, 1946 Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin
©️Werkbund Archive – Museum of Things Berlin

Werbung für Radios, Braun 1950 
©️BRAUN P&G/BraunSammlung Kronberg

Hans Gugelot, Kombination von G 11, G 12 und FS-G, 1955
©️BRAUN P&G/BraunSammlung Kronberg

Braun Produkte-Programm 1968 
©️BRAUN P&G/BraunSammlung Kronberg