CAA Granted the “Erudite Craftsmen” Award to Five Outstanding Professors this Semester


Edited BY:Li Shiyu



At the end of each semester, CAA grants the “Erudite Craftsmen” Award to professors who have made valuable contributions to the school’s curriculum and have helped students achieve their artistic ambitions. The “Erudite Craftsmen” Award was set up in 2017, which is the highest honor for teaching around CAA. This year, five outstanding professors: were honored! Since last year, “Outstanding Courses of CAA” are rated annually. Nine courses are honored this year. An Honorable Ceremony for CAA’s Retirees is also held.

“Erudite Craftsmen” Award

CAA president Xu Jiang delivered a speech

Five Outstanding Professors

Outstanding Courses of CAA

Honorable Ceremony for CAA’s Retirees

Honorable Ceremony for CAA’s Retirees